Swimmer in the Secret Sea

My favorite place in Cambrils

There are some that pack their suitcase for the beach thinking about which swimsuits they are going to wear, I—when I travel to Cambrils—pack my things thinking about what books I’m going to bring home from my favorite bookstore.

Isabel, from the Isabel de Bellart bookstore, is a free fairy. When you walk through the door of her house she already knows how you feel. If you are lucky, you will be able to see her through her bookstore with fairy wings that she usually puts on when a child walks in, one of those who still doesn’t spend time on grown-up things like paying bills because he is still a child.

From the outside, her bookstore may look like a store, but when you’ve been breathing the air several times, reading books and listening to the fairy Elizabeth talking about that place, then you start to feel that it’s your house. It’s the place you want to be, there is ice cream outside, and the sun and the beach, but you want to be there, next to the fairy, looking at books that wrap you. Then you understand that it’s not a store, it’s a very special place.

The Swimmer In The Secret Sea

There are books that have a very striking cover, with others simply the author is already a guarantee that you will like them.

Then there are those books that you neither know the author, nor the cover tells you anything. The Swimmer In The Secret Sea is one of those books that, if you look at its cover or its back, nothing will tell you what the book really is about.

I do not want to tell you what the book is about, so I will just say it’s a book that talks about life and death. In its 90 pages it tears you completely and leaves you marked forever. It may seem like a small book, but it’s so intense that many 500-page books do not even come close to the ability to leave a mark like this one.

If you really enjoy reading as much as I do, I recommend that the next book you read is this, buy 2 to be able to give one to a friend, because it’s really worth it.

To finish, I would like to say that I only know one other place as special as Isabel’s bookstore, it’s called Disneyland, and it’s in Paris.

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