I’m looking for a Foodbuddy in Madrid

There are two very important hobbies in my life, programming and cooking. There are other hobbies besides those but they are somewhat irrelevant.

I love to eat, I enjoy watching the ingredients on the plate. I try to spend a reasonable amount of time every week cooking something new –or different—to what I usually do.

And so the time has come for me to look for a foodbuddy, someone who wants to join me eating out there, and who wants to enjoy Madrid’s terrific food scene.

I’m looking for a Foodbuddy

What is a foodbuddy? Well, basically, it’s someone who tags along with you to eat in magnificent restaurants and who spends the whole week thinking that on Friday you will finally be able to try the broken eggs of Casa Lucio –for example.

My goal is to find someone who loves food as much as I do and who wants to eat-out in Madrid occasionally.

“We have to eat to live, not live to eat.”

Henry Fielding

Would you like to be my Foodbuddy?

If you like my proposal, you should at least meet these minimums for this “relationship” to work:

• You LOVE to eat.
• You are willing to go out at least once a month to eat/dine out there.
• You don’t mind spending € 60 ~ € 120 every now and then at Michelin star restaurant because the experience excites you.
• You are willing to eat Indian, Japanese, Spanish food, and anything surprising, with the flavors and nuances that are out there.
• You are a nice person and you don’t stare at infinity while you eat without saying a word.

If you think you meet the above mentioned requirements, and you want to be my foodbuddy, contact me now!

In return, I promise not to be one of those douchebags who ruins dinner (brother-in-law seal of approval) and I promise you that we will have great moments eating in Madrid.

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