I have a blog again

It’s been a while since I started with nogg-aholic, a project about videogame exploration, which I’ve decided to expand.

I have the permanent feeling that I should share what I learn with others, so this blog will not follow a fixed theme, but rather will deal with what I like and I want to tell at the moment.

A link to the hack

I have decided that Nogg-aholic becomes a blog based on Ghost, a blogging platform created with Node.JS, the content of the old blog will still be available in a local copy that I will not publish.

I will talk about the things I like.

In this blog I will talk about:

  • Zelda (The new title of the blog is directly based on this saga)
  • Paella Valenciana
  • Analysis of binaries x86, x64 and ARM-v7
  • Programming and internals on different languages
  • Web development, although very little since it’s something that bores me a lot after so many years.
  • Cooking recipes that I make in my house
  • Algorithms of procedural generation
  • Anything else that happens to me

Welcome to your new home. It’s a pleasure to write for you. A new adventure begins.

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