OffsetFix completely functional!!


I just finished my algorithm that can move maps!

Now this function can  to move terrain/M2/WMO!

About how to usage this function, here is an example:

– Select the ADT that you want to move and rename it to the desired map, for example i’m going to use Kalimdor_1_1.adt and i’ll rename it to Azeroth_32_48.adt.
– Then use this code:

$MyADT = new ADT();
$MyADT->ADT_Open("Azeroth_32_48.adt"); // This is  the renamed from Kalimdor_1_1.adt
$MyADT->ADT_OffsetFix(32,48); // Y,X

You MUST especify the new position Y/X to the arguments function.
and you’re finished!

Example on live server:

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