About Warhammer’s files cache

Today I was reversing the structure of .cache files that Warhammer online uses to store the information that is sent by the server.

I Think that there are two types of .cache files, One that contains String and another one that contains binary data.

Here is the result of the  struct that I investigated, If is a file that only contains strings, this is the structure type:

0x0 // INT32 allways 11 - File version
0xC // INT32 Number of rows
0x14    // ARRAY[] INT32 OFFSETS This points to strings, the array must be 0xC lenght

So knowing this I made a PHP Class that prints all data, here is the example of usage:

$MyCache = new WarCache();

And the result:


All string are UNICODE so I made some changes at the hexToStr() function that will help us to convert HEX to UnicodeString.

And another interesting thing, to know the lenght of the string I substract the next offset of the actual position to the actual position, like this:

$Total_Bytes_To_Read =  hexdec($this->Cache_Offsets[$x+1]) - hexdec($this->Cache_Offsets[$x]); //It's reversed!

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