New feature! OffsetFix!


Another feature from Cryect’s Tools fixed for 3.x.x!

This new function help you to move “ADTS” by around the world. I expend one day to try understand how Cryect made his tool, and now i’m able to fix the terrain/water but currently not the “M2/WMO” positions

Here is an example. I changed GM Island to Azeroth_32_48.adt (And yes I modified the HumanMale.M2

With this feature I’ve been able to make a way to GM Island, and using my WDT Editor I made a way between Teldrassil and GM Island:

Then I made an array that contains all new blocks and I found a “blank adt” without M2/Water/WMO/Textures completely blank! This is “MonasteryInstances_33_32.adt” Then I put all in a loop and then I fixed all positions in each ADT. Here is the code:

//Offset fix
$a = array(
foreach ($a as $k) {
$MyADT = new ADT();

The new function is:


And some screenshots from the adventure to GMIsland (Aproximately 20-30 minutes walking:

  • Teldrassil

At the GM Island!


Download MPQ:

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